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Alteck Group Interiors Creates Perfect Bathroom Renovations

Whether you are looking to add a better tub to your master bathroom, or you need a teardown and rebuild of your guest bathroom because you’ve received complaints after hosting your last party, Alteck Group Interiors is here to help. We’ve been doing bathroom renovations for years. We have the expertise and knowledge to ensure you get a bathroom exceeding your needs. Our team also works quickly to complete each project because we understand how difficult it can be to enjoy your home or office without a properly working bathroom. When you are ready for a bathroom renovation, call Alteck Group Interiors for a free consultation.

large master bathroom with single sink and large tub

Custom Created Cabinetry and More for Your Bathroom

We aim to make your bathroom feel totally unique, which is why we offer custom cut cabinetry, help with tile selection, and assistance finding the perfect vanity to meet your style. Sinks, faucets, toilets, and tubs are other items we will help install. Our team will walk you through all your new fixtures after finishing the project to ensure you understand how they work. And with your custom cabinetry, you can rest easy knowing there is no wasted space in your new bathroom either. Our team will fit them to the exact measurements of your room and get them snuggly installed, no problem.

Ottawa Relies on Alteck for Bathroom Renovations and More!

When you are ready for a new Jack and Jill vanity setup, or you wish to have a herringbone tiled wall installed in your shower, call the professional design and construction team at Alteck Group Interiors. We help with bathroom renovations, or when you are building a new house land, we remodel kitchens, basements, attics, and more! Give us a call today to set up your free consultation. Let us put our knowledge and experience to work to give you the home you have always wanted.

modern bathroom with shower and floating sink

Personalized Help from the Owners of Alteck Group Interiors

No matter what your vision is for your new bathroom renovation, our experts can get it done. And if there is ever any issue with the work, you can speak directly with the owners of Alteck Group Interiors to make sure it gets corrected. You are our focus and have been since day one. We communicate effectively and efficiently so as not to slow down the process of you getting into your new tub or floor-to-ceiling shower.

Book Your Complimentary, No-Obligation Consultation Today!