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Attic Conversions for Ottawa, ON Homes

Your attic can be so much more than a storage facility for your Halloween and Christmas decorations. Call on the design experts at Alteck Group Interiors to come up with a grand proposal to help you utilize the space for entertaining, sleeping, and more! Building out this space will add instant value to your home when it comes time to sell. You will have constant communication with the team to ensure everything is going according to your plan. Plus, our owners are only a phone call away if there are any serious issues. Allow our team to help you completely transform the space and make it something impressive.

loft with white walls and three skylight windows above stairs

High-Quality Design and Materials at Alteck Group Interiors

We’ll begin the build by having you meet a designer for a free consultation. The two of you will discuss your ambitions for the room, and then they will build it out for you in a 3D model so you can see the results before we even begin the construction. And if you don’t have any ideas, we can help your imagination by showing previous jobs. If you are unhappy with anything during the preview, our designers can help instantly edit it to meet your needs and wants. Once you have decided on the official design, our well-qualified and highly-trained construction team begins by using the best materials the industry has to offer. From flooring to lighting, custom cabinetry, and more, we have it all at your disposal. We can also add skylights to allow natural light in and make space feel much more substantial.

Custom Stairways Add to Your Attic’s Aesthetics

The stairs to your new attic will help give your guests the first impression of your attic, and we offer custom stairways or ladders to help make it a positive one. We have matched stairs to the aesthetics of many Ottawa homes and businesses to create original walkways leading up to your newly constructed attic conversion.


open concept kitchen with stairs to basement and second floor
Here are some of the types of stairways we have used in other jobs:

• Folding Ladders
• Open Back Staircase
• Stylish Wooden Stairs
• Telescoping Attic Stairs
• Fire-Rated Attic Stairs
• Metal Spiral Staircases
• Custom Steel Welded Staircase

Reach Out to Alteck for Attic Conversations and More

Our team of stellar designers and competent construction crew can turn your upstairs space into anything you can imagine. Call on Alteck Group Interiors when you are ready for an attic conversion and start enjoying the space as an extra bedroom, TV room, or as a place to showcase your hobby. No matter what your imagination produces, our designers will help sculpt it further with a 3D model after your free consultation. Reach out today to get the ball rolling on your new space!

Book Your Complimentary, No-Obligation Consultation Today!